Crime Bill Sunset Notice
September 13, 2004
Speed Shooters International Inc. will sell complete magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds as long as it remains lawful for us to do so.
While knowledge of, and compliance with, state and local laws is primarily the responsibility of the buyer, Infinity Firearms will not sell magazines with a capacity greater than proscribed limits civilian customers in those jurisdictions where a state or local ordinances prohibits sale and/or possession of these items.

We will NOT ship magazines exceeding lawful limits to civilian customers in California (10 round limit), Hawaii (10 round limit), Massachusetts(10 round limit), New York (10 round limit), New Jersey (15 round limit), Maryland (20 round limit) or Washington, DC. Law enforcement and government orders from these jurisdictions are subject to specific documentation requirements, and limited to official purchases only.

Please do not attempt to purchase large capacity magazines from Infinity Firearms if you reside in a location where you may not legally possess them.

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