Atlas Gunworks Pre-Cut 5″ Type 2 Unique Slides




Atlas slides are designed with the industry leading dimensions for sport pistols. Tight tolerances and the correct dimensions will allow for faster build times and better pistol function. We use these slides in every gun we build – that’s how awesome they are.

These slides are CNC and EDM machined of 4140 carbon steel. Their unique profile matches extended dust cover frames. The Type 2 pre-cut slide is 5″ and glass bead blasted. These slides have a Bomar rear sight cut and a STI/SV Dovetail front sight cut.

• Machined from pre-hardened 4140 barstock carbon steel
• Lowered and Flared ejection ports
• Industry leading dimensions for sport pistols
• Unfinished, in the white, glass bead blasted
• Rear Sight Cut
• Front Sight Cut: STI/SV Dovetail (0.300 x 60º x 0.060)
• Available in 9/38 or .40

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Atlas Pre-Cut 5″ Type 2 Unique Slides – .40, Atlas Pre-Cut 5″ Type 2 Unique Slides – 9/38


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