CR Speed “ULTRA” Competition Rig Combo

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Save more than 10% off retail with the NEW CR Speed “ULTRA” Competition Rig Combo.

Combo includes:
1  CR Speed ULTRA Holster
1  CR Speed ULTRA Belt
4  CR Speed VERSA Pouches
1  (Optional) CR Speed Magnetic Pouch

The New “ULTRA” Holster incorporates shooter requested features for Maximum Performance and Maximum Compatibility to further build upon our World Championship Winning track record. This 1911 / 2011 ULTRA holster variant will also be able to accommodate the CZ SP01, CZ Tactical Sport, CZ Czechmate and the Glock small frame pistols (*See barrel length compatibility below).

The size of the ULTRA Holster still maintains our proven three point of contact design, ensuring Superior Retention and Lightning fast Draws. The ULTRA Maximizes compatibility and enhances fitment for an even wider range of popular competition guns. The Holster Body is CNC Machined incorporating features from our most popular Model Specific Holsters and also features modular Aluminum anodized side plates for enhanced retention and fast consistent draws. Suited to IPSC Production, Standard, Open, Production Optics & USPSA Limited & Open Class.

*Length Compatibility:
Short ULTRA Muzzle support is for barrels 5.75″ and under
Long ULTRA Muzzle support is for barrels 6″ and above

TheULTRA” Belt features a dual outer layer material which enhances rigidity & has an striking appearance with the integration of reflective thread incorporated into the color section of the belt. Available in a variety of popular colors.

•  CR Speed Interwoven Inner “Our New CR Speed “ULTRA” Range Belt Features a CR Speed branded Inner Belt, so you can be sure that you are getting an authentic CR Speed Belt.”
  Embossed CR Speed Belt Clasp Logo “Our new “ULTRA” belt features a Embossed rubber CR Speed Logo on the belt clasp for visual enhancement.”
•  CR Speed Outer Belt Logo “The new CR Speed “ULTRA” Range Belt features a small CR Speed Logo on the outer belt.”
  Profiled Inner Tip “Our new belts features a profiled tip on the Inner Belt to aid the threading of the Inner belt through shooting pants belt loops.
  Color Strip “Our new belt integrates a centered color strip stitched with reflective thread for visual & aesthetic enhancement.”

The CR Speed C-Bax Versa Magazine Pouch is Multi Magazine Fit & Ambidextrous.  This Versa-Pouch is unlike any other Mag Pouch on the Market, supplied with Inserts that can be added or removed to fit a variety of popular pistol magazines. The Versa-Pouch is also supplied with a large retention adjuster knob, which allows you to make fast & easy retention adjustments. The ambidextrous design of the Versa-Pouch also makes it equally compatible for Left or Right-handed shooters. Speedy retention adjustment Fully ambidextrous. Multiple magazine fit “from one pouch”. Easy angle adjustment. Ambidextrous construction. One Pouch for a multitude of different magazines.

Versa-Pouch will accept the following magazines: STI, SV, SPS, Springfield Armory, Para Ordnance, Bul M5, Kimber & Charles Dally Hi Cap etc.”· Most 9mm & 40 S&W Double Stack Mags “Beretta 92 & clones, Tanfoglio, CZ 75 & Clones, HK USP 9mm / 40, Springfield XD S&W, Sig Sauer etc.”· Glock “All Small frame Glock mags. Sub-compact, compact & full-size 9MM & 40S&W models

Available in: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow and Purple

Note: Single Stack 1911 Magazines need a CR Speed Versa Pouch 1911 Single Stack Spacer. (Sold Separately)

This item is Not Eligible for discounts or dealer pricing.