DAA Mag-Grip for SIG MPX Magazines


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The SIG MPX is one of the most popular platforms used in PCC, and for good reason. It offers out-of-the-box competition-ready performance at an affordable price.

The curved MPX mags function well enough, but are known to be difficult to seat into the gun when fully loaded.

The very long magazine extensions commonly used by PCC competitors, mean that most shooters hold the magazine in their fist, around its mid-section, while inserting it into the gun. This grip makes it difficult to apply enough pressure on the magazine to ensure it fully locks up.

The DAA Mag Grip accessory for the MPX, was born of this need. In consultation and testing with top PCC shooters, the design was realized and the solution is now available. lock this collar around your magazine, low enough so it does not interfere with the gun’s magwell when seating the mag. The wide ledge that is created around the mag tube, gives your grip the perfect pressure point to work against to make those reloads easier and more reliable to perform.

Available in Black only. Made from tough 3D printed Nylon12.

* Magazine not included