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The GoGun Gas Pedal fits all of the Sig P320 Series pistols in all calibers and frame sizes. This gas pedal or OPP Wing™ is a drop in part that makes it much easier to shoot hot loads for weak hands, very easy to learn, repeatable, reliable and accurate. The OPP Grip or Opposable Grip concept has been proven in racing, having dominated National and World Championships. The OPP Grrip is much easier to learn than traditional methods. Just put your off hand thumb on Gas Pedal and squeeze. It’s that simple.

• CNC billet milled out of 4140 RH 32
• DLC (Diamond Like Coating) Finish
• Makes repeatable, reliable, accurate high power shots much easier.
• OPP Wing™ for OPP Grip for Carry Guns
• Fits ALL Sig P320 calibers and frame sizes
• Controls recoil even for those without big or strong hands
• Ultimate Gender Equality
• Helps Eliminates windage error AKA trigger jerk
• No Gunsmithing Drop In easy DIY Part
• Concept proven in Racing having dominated National and World Championships
• Minimal addition of width, fits holsters
• No Snag design
• Contoured to ergonomically position thumb
• Saves on Ammo training costs. Much quicker to master than traditional methods.
• Genuine Gas Pedal Brand®
• Patent Pending
• Proudly Made in USA


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