MBX Recoil Reduction Buffer Unit – A4 Carbine Tube


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The MBX “Patent Pending” Buffer is Designed specifically for Pistol Carbine Caliber.

Features an Internal Spring captured within the Buffer to allow for the Buffer/Bolt speed to be significantly reduced during the cycling of the Firearm, resulting in an Extreme Reduction with Felt Recoil.

– Buffer weight 6.8 ozs
– Overall length 4.9 inches
– Made from Stainless Steel
– Includes internal .062 recoil reduction spring
– Captured Pin Design to ensure reliability and Performance

2 Adjustable Stoke Lengths:
– 1.400 Stroke Long
– .900 Stroke Short

In the MBX Buffer tube these parts move at the same velocity as the bolt and run much smoother and silent with a little oil.
– Oil the MBX Buffer inside and out
– Wipe the main Buffer spring with an oily cloth to add lubrication to the spring
– Any medium to light weigh oil is good

Please see recommendations for matching Springs

YELLOW Carbine Spring recommended for most Standard Applications min 115 Power Factor up to 145 Power Factor.


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